Paola Olivares is an illustrator and story artist, who is the owner of Art of PAO. She finished her studies at California State University Fullerton, and obtained a degree for Bachelor of Fine Arts in Entertainment Art/Animation in 2014.

Though her background is in animation, she has become well-known for creating illustrations both in traditional and digital form that displays her artistic style, which is a combination of all things cute and animated. She has also received a scholarship award for Excellence in Drawing and Painting from the Peter and Masha Plotkin Memorial Foundation in 2011.

Throughout the years, she has become a staple at art conventions such as WonderCon since 2015 and DesignerCon since 2016. She has also exhibited her works in competitions and galleries, which include UNESCO, The Perky Nerd, the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles’ Pop Secret Gallery, POPzilla, and fan*alley’s The Artist Lodge. Furthermore, she has launched her solo exhibits with Leanna Lin’s Wonderland for her art show “Lovelies” in 2017, and with Kape Republik for her art show “Dreamscape” in 2018.

Currently, she is creating new artworks and merchandise that are inspired by her Filipino roots in an effort to further expand culture awareness for her upcoming art conventions & events. In addition, a new book, “Lost & Found”, she illustrated for children’s book author Richelle Smallwood is now available to purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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